playroom decor and how to organize playroom

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    -You should teach your kid to put the toys back in place after the games are over. Keep Bins A lot of craft work goes around the corner!

     A Simple design layout:-

    -First, separate everything into categories such as: Books,  building blocks, tools, dolls,action ,puzzles, kitchen stuff, figurines,art supply and dress up etc.  Make a list of all your categories.
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    -You may also want to take this opportunity to clean out old toys.
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    -If they are still mildly interested, try to re-cycle. Box up the toy for a few months. Then bring it back and see if your child plays with it with renewed vigor.

    -Purchase wallpaper with age-appropriate patterns or paint a mural on the walls of your playroom.

      Buy plastic drawers :-

    Inside the toy room door is a wire shelving rack :-

    A play kitchen :-
     For Narrow spaces :-
    Bunk bed
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    Dolls House:-
    Create an Art Station:-

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