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14Tips for a perfect bathroom

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To speak frankly, a perfect bathroom is like a sanctuary where one can escape all the stresses of life within few moments.


Clean out every drawer and shelf in the bathroom. Get rid of anything that isn’t being used.

Tip 2

Use organizational containers, boxes or baskets to place all cosmetics in a neat fashion.

BambooDrawerOrganizer x Decorate Your Bathroom While Staying Organized

Tip 3

Move your medicines to the Bedroom. The heat and steam in the bath can ruin them.
 Tip 4

You can use the space at the back of the doors to place items such as hair dryers.

Put oils, shampoos, conditioners, body lotions and creams on the lower shelf and the least used items on the top shelf.

Bathroom Organizing
 Tip 5
In small sized bathrooms where there is no enough wall space for racks consider using door hanging racks for efficient usage of available space.

Tip  6

 To put all the extra towels, toilet paper, accessories, bath toysyou can use

 bookcase from Ikea:

Soap was tossed into a coffee mug and placed next to a plant:
And the bottom two shelves corral wash clothes and extra towels

Tip 7

Give each household member a different colored basket to fill with toiletries. No sharing. Make sure everyone has their own toothpaste, eye drops, cosmetics and grooming supplies. Each person will keep the basket in his or her bedroom.

Tip 8
It is not necessary to install a number of lighting fixtures, but it should be ensured that bright light is emitted and shadows and glaring are reduced.

Bathroom Furniture Tips Choosing Furniture Tips You Might Need
Tip 9
You’ll want to save as much space as possible when organizing a bathroom because this room tends to fill up quickly with all types of products. For example, invest in some towel racks. The Container Store has some as cheap as $ 14.00. Put these on the back of the bathroom door for extra space saving.

YorkOverdoorTwlRck xl Decorate Your Bathroom While Staying Organized
Tip 10

Pick a modernistic area rug and obtain accessories that compliment the rug.

Compliment the area rug with matching shower curtain

Placing a bath rug will only keep you and your household safe. Do not forget that a rug inside the bathroom needs more maintenance than every other corner of the house.
For starters, place a rubber or anti slippage mat beneath the rug.
Clean and wash the rug often for this tends to get moist due to the water.

Tip 11

  shower curtain with matching Bath Accessories 

Bath Accessories

Do not allow the soap scum to build up in the shower area. After a bath, rinse the bathtub and the titles with warm water. After the soap residue is rinsed, gently wipe the floor and walls with a soft cloth. Moreover, bar soap is the main culprit behind soap scum. Liquid soap and shower gel cause less soap scum to develop
Tip 14
If there is a window in the bathroom, open it every day in the morning so that sunlight and fresh air can travel in

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