Friday, August 31, 2012

Interior Designers Vintage Antiques Accessory Haul Video & Photos

:-The secret
  &Is  mixing time with the time the oldest of it 
 & Dark color with the color of the strong
 & Accessories white
 & Accessories few green and his grades
. Glass Vases and accessories

If you sift through the piles you might find a hidden treasure that could be worth taking

Not only are their wonderful items to be discovered but the price for the cool finds is FREE!

Brand new boxed gifts
Antique furnishings
Vintage items
Light fixtures
Decorative accessories
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Color Palette Tools & Fan Decks
Color. The foundation of design. This is an area for which I prefer physical hold-em-in-my-hand fan decks... but if you're a digital diva, there are many innovative tools at your disposal.

Benjamin Moore Color Capture (iPhone app) - snap it. match it. save it. share it. Color matching at its easiest.
ColorSchemer by Colourlovers - a longtime success in the online color palette world. Still relevant, useful and excellent. 
ColorSchemer - terrific tool for rule followers amongst us. Offers Momochromatic, complementary, traid, tetrad, analogic and accented analogic options. Bonus? They offer a color blind tool as well.


table vignette by Brad Ford with tulips, bowls and citrus


bedroom luggage10
bedroom luggage1

abc 3159


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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bedroom decorating ideas for teen girls Vdeo cool

Bedroom decorating ideas for teen girls
Tour the room Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson creates for 17 year old Stephanie. Interior Design Bedroom Decorating ideas ..Makeover a bedroom and surprise 17 year old Stephanie with a beautiful new bedroom

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Organize Hospital Bags(Baby Bag

Hospital Bag Video,Diaper And Hospital Bags,Baby Bag

Organize Baby room Photos VIdeo

how to organize baby stuff, how to organize baby room,baby closet organizers,How to organize a changing table,How to Change a Baby's Diaper,My Closet Organizer System for Nursery

?How to organize a changing table

sposies, wipes, bottom balm, little thing

?How to Change a Baby's Diaper

No one wants to strain his or her back or go through acrobatics simply to change a diaper
NEVER leave a baby unattended on this or any changing table

أروع واجمل موديلات ( أندرات ) ممكن تشوفيهاااااااااااأروع واجمل موديلات ( أندرات ) ممكن تشوفيهااااااااااا
How to Change a Baby's Diaper
Drawer full of infant prefolds and kissaluv's for when we start CD'ing


This one of the safest changing tables for baby

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Three Sources of Design Inspiration

Tip  one
 Go to a used bookstore and picked up several design magazines, just to see if you could get a feel for what you liked

Tip  two

. Anything online or in a magazine or catalog
 keep a folder of all these images on your computer so whenever you are ready to create,you have sources of inspiration.Here’s a peak at what is in your folder right now.

Tip  three
Get images

Cut it and set it asideDSCF1284

 and make you interested groups

Fill up your inspiration binder with the things you love

Or if you are designing one room, cut things out and paste them to a small poster board to help you sift through your likes and dislikes.

… And we keep all of our favorite recent issues (or mags we tagged) stacked in the baskets in the office

Some of my favorite magazines to pull inspiration from are House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Traditional Home, Veranda, Architectural Digest, and Cottage Living.

Elle Decor

Traditional Home

veranda magazine

Serena and Lily

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