Children's bookshelves and kids' storage, as a rule, should be low to the ground. 

     These bookshelves usually contain two or 
    three shelves and are no higher than 3 feet off the 
    ground, making them a perfect place to put children's .

    Kids Storage Furniture ..Kids Storage
    Storage bench:
     Storage benches are a great way to 
    organize books or toys. They can be used as dual-purpose 
    storage containers and seats, or simply as storage .

    View larger image of Home Styles Storage Bench


    Revolving bookcase:
     Revolving bookcases are bookshelves that have cut-outs on several sides for children to store books. These bookcases can be turned to look at different books,

    Alphabet Soup Revolving Bookcase

    Sugar Plum Revolving Bookcase

    Revolving Bookcase Furniture

    Revolving Bookcase Furniture  Ideas
    craft closet:
    If you have large space  you can  use craft closet
    Items organize in one place.  Shelves and Drawers provide ample room for storing all of your supplies and an Closet Rod provides an unexpected way to keep tissue paper wrinkle-free. 

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    1. I always like cubby storage units that have multiple purposes, like the benches above, especially the one that incorporates storage, seating, and a coat rack. Great way to keep organized and ensure everything has a home.

    2. I want to know where that shelf is from in the second picture, with the ABC's above it... Do you know where you found that?

    3. Where could I find the second one?? The one with the abc's above?? I Love!!

    4. Yes..I would love to know where you got the shelves with the ABC's above as well..thanks! Also that desk you have with the little red chair, with the roll of paper on top, wheres that from love it!

    5. I would love to know where that same one -- the 2nd one is from. i've tracked all the way here from pinterest and need to have it, it's exactly what I've been searching for for three years!

    6. found it...

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    10. Nice. Good collection of Kids Storage Furniture. In kids room, the kids furniture is very necessary. Kids furniture is specially made for the kids. According to their use and utility. The cupboards & sideboards combination is very good.