How to Organize Children's Shoes in a Closet

    How many times have you  search for one of your child's shoes?

    A shoe rack can keep children's shoes organized, easily accessible and in one place
    1-Place tier shoe rack at the bottom of your child's closet.And separating dress shoes from casual.

    2-  Get to help your child arrange the shoes by color and  use. 
    3-Install an over-the-door shoe rack on your child's closet door. 
    4- Place the shoes so that the most commonly worn shoes are at arm's length, while the shoes worn less often are stacked a little higher.
    Do not use the boxes to store the shoes under the bed . But because vacuum bags can leak, and pests and dust may get under your bed, we recommend sturdy, plastic storage boxes like those from Rubbermaid placed someplace like your attic, basement, or storage closet

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