Thursday, February 3, 2011

MakeOver Bedroom2

MakeOver Bedroom2...Reorganizing the bedroom

Expert Bedroom Storage 
A bedroom should be a haven from life's chaos, a place to relax and unwind.

 Don't fill the room with unnecessary items or let it become overly decorated with fussy window treatments or a plethora of busy patterns.
Lay out bathrobes and place rolled bath towels at the foot of the bed in case your guests would like to freshen up upon arrival.

1- Paint:

 Amedium-sized bedroom 
Use lighter colors would be a better choice

- Small Bedroom
Choose  the right color for a smaller bedroom because all you want is to add that illusory volume to your room

- Big Bedroom
IF you have a bigger bedroom all you want is to think of ways to highlight the overall look of the room without adding to its size

2- Floor:
lay modern rugs or wool flokati rugs on your floor

3- Lighting :
Make use of lighting wherever you think highlighting is required.Add another lighting element to the room Use the candles.Be sure to place the candles in safe locations where there is no chance of anything catching on fire.

4- Bedroom Drapes:

 Place the bed parallel to the window, not directly across from it.

This arrangement allows you to enjoy the view, but also turn away from it if the light is too bright

Beauty Sleep
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