Monday, February 14, 2011

locker How to organize your locker

locker How to organize your locker ... locker... How to organize your locker
never just throw stuff inside your locker.

always put it in neatly.And if you ever need to clean your locker, do it after school,and throw away unessential clutter And take things that you want to take home .And soak a cloth in warm, soapy water, and clean the walls and floor of your locker .at least once a week.

- Get some little things to organize.Before measure the width of your locker.

Install shelves in your locker to double the horizontal storage space ( lockers are so narrow ).
put your binder on top shelf, Place your books upright on the bottom shelf, because they will break the top shelf 

get  little boxes that have magnets on the back .Don't attach these to the door as they can fall when the door is slammed shut.Instead, stick these to the back or side walls.
Put pens and pencils and a rubber, glue, pencil sharpener, and some other supplies  in there ( all smaller items) .

3-Magazine Holder
put your  notebooks,or binders or folder in Magazine Holder.

4-  Binder Or Folders 
 put your papers where they belong right away in the appropriate folder for the class or in your binder or notebook  .
Having binders or color coded folders also help as you'll always be able to locate what you need in a hurry

put your food or  A girl's EMERGENCY  KIT for school in 
a locker basket .

Hang clothing and your backpack from hooks.

Put a copy of your timetable into the inside of your locker so that you know what lessons you have each day.

Magnetic white board

Put a magnetic white board to write reminders.

9- Loce

Carry your valuables( cash, laptop computers , digital cameras or MP3 players)with you; don't put them in your school locker.
Put anything dirty, such as shoes or sports equipment in the bottom shelf .
Another tip: Don't leave food in your locker.When it rots.If you need to keep some snacks in your locker for those days your starving or to rush from school to practice keep packaged snacks like granola bars.


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  2. I think it’s great! Taking ownership of their surroundings, make them responsible, and proud of being who they are!!!

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