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How to Remodel Your Kitchen.. Before & After

How to Remodel Your Kitchen.. Before & After.. Remodel Your Kitchen without Spending a Fortune

there are a few easy ways to update and spruce up your kitchen without having to make a major investment. Start with the least cost,look online for affordable .

 what  helps to give your kitchen a new look?

1ـNew lighting

Kitchen lighting affects the mood of a room,New lighting can make a kitchen look larger, warmer and cleaner. It's a small way to make a big impact.
Replacing outdated light features not only gets rid of an eyesore, but also has the advantage of adding more light. Consider adding track lighting. They come in a variety of widths, are prewired, and are easy to install. Many feature halogen spotlights that can be pointed at key areas of your kitchen like the stove or workstation. 
scavolini's cool crystal modern kitchen island
2ـ Add a kitchen island

Adding an island or a new rolling workstation can be very attractive and useful for your kitchen , kitchen islands can provide you with more storage room for more kitchenware.It provides a suitable place to congregate and eat.
Clearly your budget will have an impact on your choice of kitchen island but also the dimensions of your kitchen will play a part

The two basic types of kitchen island are:

Portable Unit
A portable island offers versatility and convenience to a kitchen. It can be a freestanding or rolling worktable. Often, a portable island has a steel, tile, or wood countertop. But you can have one custom-built to blend with your cabinetry.
Portable Kitchen Island Design
2ـ Custom Built fixed unit.


ـHow Much Space For A Kitchen Island?

should be sufficient space between the island and other work surfaces to allow for opening cabinet and appliance doors, and for two people to work without jostling one another
A kitchen island can be as small as 2-feet by 4-feet, as large as 4-feet by 6-feet or even larger
The size and shape you choose should compliment your kitchen design and the way you use the space

The walkway between island and stationary cabinets should be about 36 to 42" wide . If the kitchen island will be located near a plain wall, 36" is sufficient clearance
But 42" or more are required if the kitchen island stands near a stove, refrigerator, or dishwasher to allow for safety and ease of use. You want to be sure that you can easily open and close doors of appliances without hitting the new island


The area of movement between the sink, stove, and refrigerator is called the work "triangle". When thinking about installing a kitchen island, try not to interrupt this efficient movement from appliance to work center.

3ـ Paint 
Paint is the best way to make an easy and inexpensive change to your kitchen.
Picking the perfect color for your kitchen is a difficult decision to make. Painting a kitchen is time consuming with all the little nooks and crannies. You want to pick the correct color the first time. Take your time and do not be impulsive when deciding on your paint 
color because you are tired or fed up with the entire process.
There's no shame in not having money for those new cabinets you've been dreaming of. Consider painting them instead. 
Take the time to prepare the cabinets for painting by cleaning their surfaces of grease and dirt that need to be thoroughly removed. After the cabinets are completely clean, you've got a good surface upon which to add some color
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cabinets Painting Kitchen Cabinets
kitchen vinyl floor raleigh cary carolina fci
4ـ Flooring Nothing can make a kitchen look dirtier or more outdated than the wrong kitchen floor.  Make sure you choose a tile style and color that you enjoy because it's going to be a fixture in your kitchen for a very long time.
 vinyl and linoleum, look better , vinyl is even easier (and quicker) than tile. Vinyl now comes in self-adhesive tiles that can cost less than a dollar per square foot. It comes in a wide range of patterns and styles and is virtually indistinguishable from sheet vinyl if installed correctly. 
 5ـ And adding new curtains

How to Sew Curtains

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