Organizing Kitchen Drawers:Before & After

    Organizing Kitchen Drawers:Before & After

    Kitchen Drawers Storage Strategies
      Here's how to do it in just  five steps: 

    1. Empty all the

     contents of the kitchen drawer onto tthe kitchen table, large countertop or in a box. Start with your potpourri of kitchen utensils, oven mitts, and random objects spread , Empty everything .

    2.Use Organizational tools that are so readily available

    3.Place utensils that you use on a daily basis in a small crock on your countertop next to your stove or in the area you do the most prep work.

    4. Fill the silverware drawer. This usually goes directly below the cupboard storing your dinnerware, so fill up this drawer next. A silverware organizing tray helps to keep this kitchen drawer even more orderly. Make sure you don't put anything else besides silverware and serving spoons in this drawer. Chopsticks also belong here.

    5.Throw out items that just need to go.Into Beth’s trash can went things like the empty cottage-cheese containers , old dishes, threadbare towels, partially melted plasticware or broken utensils.

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