Sunday, December 26, 2010

Grocery list Supermarket saving Video

Grocery list Supermarket saving Video
Grocery prices are soaring these days and living on a budget can be challenging. If you want to save money
 on groceries, you need a game plan to insure your success


 Never Shop Without A List.

 Never Shop On An Empty Stomach
Don't be a hungry shopper! Take a moment to eat or drink something to take the edge off before you head into the store. Remember, hungry shoppers are impulsive and spend more money

Never Pay With A Credit Card
this simple step will keep you within your budget every time
 You need to anticipate buying enough fresh vegetables, fruits and meats for roughly 3 days each trip to the grocery store

Avoid unnecessary items such as candies and sweets

  Before you step one foot into the check out line, stop and examine your cart. Look at each item and ask yourself a few questions. Is it on sale? Do I have a coupon? Is this something I really need? Is this something I could buy later after I find a coupon online
After you take a close look at your merchandise, you can put back the items that you don't really need. As you separate your wants from your needs, you will shave dozens of dollars off your grocery bill. You are well on your way to half-price shopping

Do your homework
Another great way to save on groceries is to plan a menu of meals for the week based on the items on sale that week. For example, if chicken breasts are on sale, plan a meal around chicken breasts. This is especially effective when you can apply coupons toward the sale items. But your homework goes beyond menu planning. Keep a price book. A price book is simply a list of common items you buy and the average price of those items at 2 -3 grocery stores you frequent. This way, if you are tempted to buy something that is not on sale, you can do quick look-up in your price book to see if it’s still a good price or if you can get it cheaper at another store.


Don't let a computer error ruin your savings
After you've checked out, be sure to check over your receipt

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