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Organize and clean your garden Video

Organize and clean your garden Video
Gardening is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing activities around.

Organization is key to a garden shed. You should be able to find what you need when you need it. However, organization is only as good as the person doing the organizing. If you or others do not put things back in their places, you probably will not be able to find it later.

Clean up the yard around your shed.

First off, it's time to clean any dead vegetation away from around your shed. Neatly trim the lawn around the base of your shed. If you have your shed raised to keep it off the ground and from getting wet, also pull the weeds beneath the shed.

Spring is a good time to add a little landscaping around the shed. Planting some bulbs around the shed will add some Spring colour. For colour in the Summer consider some large pots planted with bedding plants or use some hanging baskets. Planting climbing plants such as a vine will soften the lines of a shed
Inspect and repair the outside of the shed
Check the shed walls and the foundation for anything that needs to be repaired, and give your shed a fresh coat of paint to perk it up for the new season.
 4 ـ Focal Points All gardens need a focal point. small garden needs only one, and larger gardens may need several.  A focal point draws the eye to a special feature or planting and helps give the rest of the garden a more orderly look. . Focal points can be as simple as one spectacular plant or planting among the others, or a feature such as a gazing globe, a water pond or a piece of sculpture or statuary.  ferent areas.  On a patio, for example, a grouping of different sized pots can serve as a focal point, with one large pot being the center of attention. Tall plants grouped in a mass and surrounded by shorter plants can create a focal point in a garden bed, as can a contrast in color or plant type. Ornamental features such as large rocks, a pedestal, a statue or a gazing ball are natural focal points.  . A quick and easy feature to add to a bed is a bird bath or a bird feeder.   An arbor trellis planted with climbing plants such as morning glories or thunbergia can be an eye catching focal point for an entire garden. 
5 ـ Color Coordination   A coordinated color scheme can really pull a garden together  and refresh one that may have
 gone stale. 
Use a combination of three or four colors to create a color theme.. Match the colors in your dishes or your placemats if you eat outdoors. . Red, white and blue make your garden patriotic. Pink, white and green is cool and refreshing.  Yellow, blue and white is a bright summery combination.  You can break the scheme every now and then when you have a great plant that doesn't fit the "rules," and then it becomes the exception that points out what your theme is.  
you need to protect tools and garden equipment from rain, rust and exposure to other elements is only one of the reasons why so many individuals are now choosing to build a storage shed. With a shed and a garden tool organizer you also have a simple means to add neatness to your outdoor living area.
you should purchase a garden tool organizer to help you add definition and a tidy structure to the interior space.  A garden tool organizer can be just the product that you need to restore order to a haphazard collection of essential items that you use on a regular basis. This will provide a place for each item and make it easy to find exactly what you need without any fuss and bother. You can even purchase an organizer that has wheels and a handle so you can move the entire unit in and out of the storage shed when necessary. The lightweight, ergonomic design of top garden organization products means that it is a simple task to wheel them around the yard to exactly the spot where you are working. Then when you are finished with your gardening duties you just push it back into its normal position in your storage shed. Some gardeners find it helpful to paint the handle of each tool in a different color to more easily grab it when needed. Then there are several way you can organize your garden tools. You can hang the larger items, like chainsaws, hoes, shovels, lawnmowers, edgers, and leaf blowers, on the wall of your garage or tool shed, thus eliminating the possibility of running over the tools or accidentally stepping on them and injuring yourself. Some people choose to invest in a tool shed, others store their items in their garage or other existing building on their property. In either case, examining and prioritizing your needs is beneficial and will make the process of organizing your tools less stressful. The most suitable garden shed for your garden environment will depend greatly on what its use will be and the climate you are building it. Wooden sheds tend to fare better in drier climates whereas a metal shed will fare better in wetter climates provided it is coated for protection against rust. The decisions that will be made will rest solely on the person responsible, but the use and the climate are the two major considerations when making that decision.

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