How To Organize your new baby's room.. a Baby Nursery Video & Photos

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    How To Organize a Baby Nursery 
    This list offers some excellent tips for organizing your new baby's room

    Here are the easy steps
    Step one
    Buy only what you need 
     Buy baby furniture because he or she will need them.   The lesser items in the room, the lesser the mess  
    Use the Bare Necessities for Baby Furniture 

    The necessities are

     a cribـ 

    changing table

    changing tableـ
    Whether placing these items in the drawers or using baskets on a changing table you should include: diapers, wipes, diaper rash ointment, Vaseline, cotton balls, burp clothes and baby lotion or powder.  A small toy helps to entertain baby while being changed

    baby swingـ

     quality lightingـ

    and a dresser or armoire for clothing items

    or a nursery closet organizer

     How to Install a Closet Shelves 
     a garbage bin
    and the kid rocking chair
    Investing in a quality glider or rocking chair helps to ensure comfort and ample opportunities for snuggling in the wee hours of the night.  . If nursing, an ottoman offers a place to put your feet up and get comfortable alleviating extra strain on your back.  When purchasing your crib sheets it is a good idea to have one or two extra sets to use when laundering the other or when baby spits-up
    Roller Storage Bins 
    Buy a roller storage bin to place items used by your baby every day.  They include the powder, lotion, diaper, cotton, and wipes among others.. Therefore, it is easy for you to grab these items because they are placed in one spot
    Shelving helps to display special keepsakes, organizes books and picture frames. . A music box, CD or tape player helps to soothe baby to sleep.  . The newest versions attach right to the side of the crib and are operated by remote control so as to not wake baby 
    Simplify the nursery by putting away items you don't need right away.
     For instance, if you have baby clothing that will not fit until the baby is six months old, put these away in plastic storage containers until you need them   
    Do not allow furniture, toys, and others to take up most of the space in the room. . You should have room for you and your baby to move easily. 
    Crib Placement  
    Organize where the baby will sleep so that the crib is not in direct sunlight or drafts. The crib should be near an outlet so you can plug up items if needed. For example, you might need to plug up a night light to illuminate the crib area during nightly feedings without turning on the main light.  Also, you might want to plug up a lamp or a CD player to play soothing music for the baby  
    Place the crib as close to the exit door as possible so you won't have to tiptoe across the entire room after getting the baby to sleep Step two 
    Color considerations
    Choose a light color that will be soothing for the baby 
     It used to be that little girl's rooms were pink and little boy's rooms were blue. While these colors are still a popular choice, don't feel limited by tradition. Today there are endless possibilities for color. Color has the ability to set the mood and evoke feelings of peace and tranquility, inspire creativity or get us energized. . Think about how you feel in a deep red room verses a space painted a soothing sky blue.  . Pastel colors make a room feel spacious and promote relaxation making them a good choice for a baby's bedroom.  . Think about buttery yellows or soft lilac paired with sage green.  Many parents prefer bolder primary colors for their baby's room like red, blue and yellow. These also look great and have been shown to stimulate brain activity, but think about reserving them for an older child or limiting them to a designated play area in the nursery Infants need a lot of sleep and keeping the nursery in calming colors, prevents distraction and over stimulation 
    No matter what color you chose to paint, use a natural or zero VOC paint to avoid having fumes in the nursery. If you are pregnant, try to have someone else do the painting and make sure there is adequate ventilation.Consider alternatives to carpet  Choose a Theme ـ  There are endless ideas for nursery themes. You could choose a cartoon character, angels, lady bugs, butterflies, fire engines, cars, sports, an under-the-sea theme.you just can't name them all
    floor New carpet may look nice and be warm and soft to walk on, but it can also be a toxic nightmare.  New carpeting contains too many chemicals to list which may be released into the air for a long time. Older carpets contains years of accumulated dust and dirt that may contribute to the development of asthma.. There are many other flooring options besides carpeting that are now coming into mainstream design  Cork flooring is beautiful, soft andـ environmentally friendly  
     Bamboo is another attractive environmentallyـ friendly option. . Just make sure that the manufacturer and the installer do not use any glues containing formaldehyde
    curtain  They are not only a decorative item though; the right curtains can help the baby    AdChoices  sleep soundly at nap time.  You will want to keep safety in mind when hanging your baby's curtains
    Step three
    Arrange the items 
     . Organize the baby items according to use
    Arrange the items in the room first. . Focus on the items that really matter such as the crib and changing area . The crib can be the focal point of the room since this is where the baby will stay most of the time. . You can put the crib in a corner or set it at the center of the room if the room is big enough. . Arrange the other items around it. . Make sure that you have enough space to move and that there is no clutter around
    Do-it-yourself custom children's mural
    Baby Nursery Ideas Organizing Your Baby Nursery
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