Saturday, December 4, 2010

How to Organize your Desk

How to Organize your Desk
how to organize your binder

One of the keys to being successful in school is keeping your papers and homework neatly organized.

  • These steps will help you to arrange a good

  • Step one

    Use folders for special papers. Use a folder for homework papers to avoid having to take the binders home each day. 

    step two

    Before even starting class, you'll want to organize your binders. Use the Index-tab separators, or a regular piece of 
    writing paper with a sticky tab placed on it, to separate by each course

    Color-code your binders .so you can easily find the one you need in a hurry

  • step three

    Remove the personal trinkets that begin to form clutter. While you may want a desk that is suitably personalized for you

    step four

    Store as much data in the computer as possible

    step five

    Clean your desk daily 
    organizing your desk  for 10 minutes out of your work schedule everyday and do it on a daily basis

    step six
    Stash any supplies other than a small pencil cup and a stapler in a single drawer. put  pens, pencils, paper clips, tape or sticky notes into one drawer.

    step seven

    Make sure that whatever way you organize your table, the middle part always remains free. and middle portion is the most used for working. 

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