Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How to Organize your car

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How to Organize your car

An Organized Car is Safer
Are you in need of some great ideas for organizing items in your car

Step one 
Sort and clean up
 take everything out of the front and back seat – including all those tangled papers in the glove compartment, the map pockets (on the seat backs), the door pockets, and even the child safety seats. 
Next, it's time to get rid of all that "junk in your trunk

Step two
 Organize the rest of the items into three piles: stuff you use all the time, things you use occasionally and items you might need in an emergency. Whatever doesn't fall into these categories should be stored in your home or garage

Step  three

Once that's done, give your car a good vacuuming and washing. If you do it yourself, remember to get under the floor mats and to move the seats forward and back to reach to the crumbs (and other items) hiding underneath

Step four

Consider using an empty tissue box to store plastic grocery bags in under a seat in your car. These bags have come in handy over the years.  There are so many possibilities for using grocery bags when traveling - dirty diapers, trash,  the muddy shoes ,   cleaning up after your pets, etc. Just make sure you check often, keeping your tissue box filled with plastic bags

Step five

Children's toys and how to keep them organized seems to be another issue for many moms. You can use empty wet wipe boxes to hold a few toys and you can use an organizer on the back of the seat to hold even more items

Step  six

It's true that some of the best ideas come out of necessity and knowing what you need in your car is no different. Following is a great starting list for having your car packed, prepared and organized: 

Proof of insurance, copy of registration
Pen and pad of paper
Vehicle owner's manual
Tire gauge
Basic Tools (screwdrivers)

Disposable camera
Kit with jumper cables, tire patch, flares
Spare tire and jack
Supply of non-perishable food and water 
Jacket, hat and blanket
First aid kit 
Medicine (cough drops, headache medication)
Spare change

Plastic Silverware, Straws and Napkins

Paring Knife (place in a toothbrush travel holder)
Extra Cash ($30)
Products for Contact Lens
Note pad
Old Blanket, sheet, or towel (this can be used to protect items when hauling, for clean up or if you just get cold)
Clothing (sweatshirt, hat, gloves)

Spare Rope (for tying items down)
Fix A Flat

Old Cell Phone with car charger - make sure the battery is fully powered first; (Deactivated phones can still call 911 for emergencies.) (Do this if you don't already have a working cell phone.)
Hand warmers
Kids Toys
Plastic Grocery Store Bags
Use Trunk Organizer   

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