Bathroom How To Organize your bathroom Video

    How To Organize your bathroom Video

    good ideas for the bathroom

    Step one:Out Out

    Out everything from the bathroom

    step two

    Clean a wall and a Shower
    step three
        clean a mirror
    After cleaning the mirror use Tooth Paste small amount of tooth paste, brand does not matter, to a paper towel. Spread evenly on the mirror Wipe away the excess toothpaste
    step four
    clean sink and Taps  
    step five
    clean storage
    One way to improve bathroom storage, effectively increasing the among of things you can keep tucked away, is to add pull-out racks. You can get rack systems that are specifically designed to go under the bathroom sink. A two-tier system will have a shorter shelf on top, so it doesn’t bump into the plumbing. Best of all, the ability to pull the bottom shelf out all the way means you don’t have to get down on your hands and knees to access the stuff in the back
    step six  Clean Bathtubs
    step seven
     Clean a Toilet
    step eight
    Clean a Bathroom Floor
    You will need to store boxes or Pins To arrange for cosmetics and medicine You will need to organize shower Are you tired of bending down to get what you need Use organize shower There are different forms of it is used, consistency of your bathroom decor
    You will need to Hair Dryer Caddy
    Get organized  Hair Dryer Caddy for storage   a hair dryer

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