How to Organize a Garage Video

    How to Organize a Garage 

    The garage is not just a place for your husband to hang out is a GardenSpace, or ToolSpace or SportsSpace...or OutdoorSpace. and let's not forget your car

    These are very good ideas for just getting tools off the floor

    Step One
     in organizing a garage should be to walk through to see what contents are still needed, and what can be donated, stored or thrown away

    Step two

    Cleaning out the garage

    Step three

    Choose the right shelving ,which make the items readily-seen and easy to find . Consider installing metal shelving. It’s affordable, easy to assemble, and able to withstand heat and humidity better than wood. Shelves will also keep your valuables safe from any dampness on the floor
    Shelving supplies and installation advice can be found at most home improvement stores

    Step four

    Items that won't be used often can be stored in boxes. The boxes should be sturdy and have clear labels, making it easy to find items later when needed. Neatly storing items can make a huge difference when organizing a garage

    Step five

    Hang items to save space 
    Other garden tools such as shovels and rakes are often stuck in the corner to stand up. Many times they are found to tumble and fall onto cars and that just causes a mess.. What you can do is hang up all of these tools on the walls using brackets or hooks   or even a couple nails and then bite your apple. You can also do this for your ladder and bicycle .to make the most of vertical space

    Step six

    Once you have all of the garage items together, you can separate
     the group into smaller sub groups.. This will make everything easier to locate when 

    need be

    Items that don't fit in one of the groups created might not belong in the garage, and might better be put in storage or elsewhere

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