Thursday, December 9, 2010

How to Iron Clothes

How to Iron Clothes

 to get crisp collars  use starch

Laundry starch is a liquid used to crisp collars and smooth fabrics. It is sprayed directly on the fabric before ironing. Upon heat, the starch firms up the cloth, making the fabric crisp. The garment looks sharper and keeps a press longer than conventional ironing

Not only does it improve appearance, it also forms a protective barrier between you and your clothes. Dirt and sweat stick to the starch instead of the fabric. When laundered, the starch washes away with the dirt and sweat attached leaving the fabric untouched. This preserves the fabric making your clothing last longer

1heaping tbsp of corn starch
1cup water
 spray bottle

Heat water for 90 seconds in the microwave. This makes it easier for the corn starch to dissolve
Add corn starch and stir till completely dissolved. The water will be a milky white color
Carefully pour into the spray bottle

Shake the bottle to make ensure a good mixture
Spray sparingly on fabric
Iron as usual

How to Iron Clothes : How to Make Starch

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