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     Craft Room OrganizingVideo  

    Step one
    Separate your work area
    If you do not have separate room for hobby/crafts then try to partition off an area of the room with a screen or by arranging bookshelves or furniture in such a manner that it creates a physical separation to the room. This will help restrict THE MESS to one area. Try to keep your projects confined to this area. 

    Step two

    Use your walls  and doors for storage

    Step three

    Adequate lighting is crucial!  I recommend Ott lamps (or a comparable brand) because they emit true color and don't give off heat (do not use halogen bulbs).  You can even purchase magnifier lamps, a valuable tool for doing fine hand work.

    Step four 

     Tidy up

    Spend 10 to 15 minutes at the end of EVERY day cleaning up. Set a stopwatch if you have to. Leaving your workroom clean and organized for the next day will make your 
    more motivated to start. The following day you will feel you are starting fresh

    Step five

     Easy Access to Tools
    Have your scissors, glue gun, sewing machine and serger all close at hand. The less walking you do the more sewing/crafting you can get done. Make holders for your brushes, your glue gun and your scissors.  This will save valuable time and reduce your stress level

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