Bedroom Design
     bedroom should be one of the most relaxing areas in our homes
    This is the place where you relax after a hard days work
    clear ideas
    you can find inspiration in a magazine, on TV, through a display in a store or catalogs or from the internet.
    To begin with, you need to devise a plan of your bedroom complete with correct measurements(  making the best use of the space available, you  like to have fitted furniture which really )
    will make the most of your available space and positioning of windows, doors and electrical sockets or switches. You can do this on graph paper or you could use one of the many interior design programs for your computer.

    making the best use of the space available is one of the greatest challenges for the bedroom designer.
    Decorating your bedroom

    • If you have a spacious bedroom, you can select Greco-Roman architectural style with Greco-Roman motif furniture. This type of furniture are usually heavy built and larger than the modern time sleek ones.
    Gothic style 
    • If you prefer the Gothic style then for furniture resources, go for blacks and grotesques, Crockets, Chevron and many more.
    Oriental designs
    • Oriental designs are best if you have less space. This design mainly influenced by Japanese art but there are contribution of other Asian countries as well. Keep Asian antiques and collectibles as decorating items like  Japanese tea table, rugs and linens.
     modern designs
    • If you like, the minimalist look, go for modern architecture using vibrant colors and sleek furniture.


    .if you are looking for a relaxed feeling to your room then avoid bright reds and yellows instead go for either a deep maroon or pale yellow instead. The whole idea is to make the room relaxing to your eye and not energizing or bright. neutral colors are a great choice for those who are unsure of what designs to choose

    Use deep luscious colors like red, brown, and black for an added drama. Keep the bedroom neat and polished to achieve a sophisticated look.
    Bright colours are not really recommended as they do not befit a calming ambience. Warm, soft and neutral colours are more suitable for your bedroom. Your furniture should reflect the atmosphere you wish to create and should be of the best quality you can afford
    and ensure that the windows bring in a good amount of sunshine. If your bedroom is in the dark corner of your home for unavoidable reasons, use the opportunity to brighten up your bedroom with great lighting fixtures.

    wall paper

     There are many different patterns to choose from but it is important that you look for one that is soothing and easy on the eyes and not bright or noisy. There are many unique wallpaper designs now available its all a case of spending time and looking 
    around to see what you like.

     Do not neglect to plan your flooring either. Bedroom floors should be carpet or natural wood, both of which are warm and if you choose wood, rugs can be placed for further comfort. A cold floor is not really recommended, so tiles or marble are nor really suitable as they are quite cold and could be slippery - not really a good idea when one is still a bit sleepy

    The right carpet can further enhance the look of your bedroom 
    When choosing a carpet for your bedroom, keep in mind that the volume of traffic will be almost negligible as compared to carpets in the sitting room. The wear and tear will also be minimal as you will mostly be bare-foot or in a comfortable pair of slippers. 

    You can choose to go for total luxury with a soft deep pile, fitted on a quality underlay, which is slightly less dense and extremely soft on the toes.

    Or Plush carpets are very much like cable carpets except that the pile can be even deeper and they have a slight sheen to the yarn. This is another type of carpet that feels good to walk on and works well in low traffic areas. Plush carpets may be the number one choice for bedroom carpets because of the soft feel of this type of carpet.

    Or Looped carpets are also known as Berber carpeting. Looped carpeting is very durable because the yarn is not cut. Looped carpets are a good choice for high traffic areas of the home and are also used in bedrooms. Many people like the looped carpets because they do not show tracks or footprints like many of the deep pile carpets. Looped carpets are a great multipurpose carpet and are very popular because of their versatility.


    If your bedroom windows face east or west, you might like to consider blackout linings for your curtains. This will restrict the amount of light that gets into your room and this can be a huge factor in regions where light increases as the seasons change 

    Curtains are a feature of bedrooms and can make or break the design, so choose your curtain fabric carefully. You may like to have your bed linen to match your curtains and there are many manufacturers who produce beautiful sets

    Dress Your Bed

    Your bed should give you the comfort you need at the end of a long day. Use comfortable bed covers
     Try to choose the most luxurious bed you can afford and choose colors which will evoke happy, calm feelings. If you have a space crunch in your bedroom, opt for monochromatic color schemes. The right size and number of pillows on your bed can enhance the look of your bedroom too.
    Try not to crowd the bed with too many pillows. Just place comfortable pillows and bolsters and make enough room for you to move
    Use comfortable bed covers. Satin is a good material. Some mattress brands also use satin materials as cover for the mattress. You can use the same for the bed sheets and pillow cases. The material glides easily on your skin. It soothes tension and stress.
     Use a mattress topper 

    measure the available space carefully so that you maximize your storage space. Try to maximize the use of your bedroom storage area with closets. Under-the-bed storage systems are a great option too. Walk-in closets are a practical and a luxurious option when compared to cramped closets.

    Good  Lighting

    lighting  is most always an afterthought in decorating a bedroom 
    Selecting the right type of lighting can also help you to achieve the look you are aiming for in your bedroom. 
    Most of the time bedrooms actually need little light. 
    However, practical and task lighting are needed for tasks such as cleaning, packing or getting ready for work. 
    A combination of wall lights and overhead lighting that can be dimmed for ambience will solve this purpose. 
    This will allow you to be able to set the right mood and feel within the room. 
    The underlying purpose is to provide the appropriate levels of light for a variety of different purposes throughout the day.
    With so many different types of lighting available, you are sure to find something that will compliment your bedroom decor

    chairs or a small sofa
    If you have a bedroom big enough choose comfortable chairs or a small sofa. 


    According to the principles of Feng Shui, you should keep a few plants in your bedroom for maintain harmony and balance in your life. If you can maintain them, plants are a great option to enliven your bedroom.
    Most importantly, try to keep your bedroom minimal, neat and always clutter-free for a great look.

    Bedroom interior design ideas don't have to be expensive or complicated. It's just a matter of looking at every item in your room in a different way. You need to figure out ways to make everything work together while still maintaining an interesting balance.

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