Bathroom designs Video and bictures

    Bathroom designs Video and bicture
    Bathrooms warmth and comfort
    Bathrooms are those warm and private rooms in your house where you can go to take a soothing shower or luxurious bubble bath and let go of all the day's stresses.
    You spend more time in your bathroom then you even realize. It tends to be the first and last room you use at the start and end of each day and it's the room most often seen and used by any visitors to your home.

    One great tip for getting started, if you want to design your own bathroom, is to put your bathroom ideas down on paper first so you can build up a kind of game plan for what you expect to happen and the final results you want to see


    1.  Do you want something functional, beautiful, or both? 
    2. Do you want to install luxury appliances such as a bathtub with a jacuzzi or a shower with several shower heads that spray out at all angles?
    3. How many people do you have sharing this bathroom?
    4.  How easy will it be to keep this bathroom clean? 
    5. How comfortable is this bathroom going to be?

     Set yourself up with a budget next. Make sure to include costs for contractors, electricians and plumbers if you're not a do-it-yourselfer. Even if you're a DIY fan, some remodeling issues can demand the need for outside and professional help so allow for this in your budget.
    This way you know the basic cost of things

    Then begin looking for the types of items you'd like to purchase for your new bathroom layout.

    Bathroom Design

    Sinks and Faucets 
    Sinks and Faucets come in so many varieties 


    Toilets have seen minimal changes, but the changes made are worthy of mentioning. Many manufacturers now make toilets that are "right-height" or chair height, which makes them easier for everyone to get up from. The elongated toilet has been around for quite some time, but is the preferred toilet for all areas. The only time a round toilet should be used is if you are tight on space and need the extra inches for clearance purposes.


    Bathtubs are available in so many varieties that there is almost certainly something for everyone to love. Hydrotherapy features like water jets, warm air bubbles, or both are available in a wide selection of tubs. Soaking tubs have also seen resurgence lately, with more people tending to want simplicity over something they need a manual for. Freestanding tubs are extremely chic and in demand, and are available in both traditional and contemporary stylings.


    Cabinets are an integral part of bathrooms, and should be custom or semi-custom manufactured cabinetry. You need good storage in bathrooms, especially master baths, and quality cabinets provide the right storage and an excellent finished look. Whether you are going for a modern or traditional feel, there is something for everyone.


    Lighting in bathrooms needs to be bright, as most of the things going on there are task oriented. Recessed cans or interesting track lights on dimmers are good choices, as are sconces on each side of the vanity. In some magazines, they show chandeliers over bath tubs (which can be gorgeous), but be sure that your ceiling is high enough so that the installation passes code.


    Don't forget about ideas for your flooring and walls. Ceramic tiles add a beautiful accent to any room and you can even purchase floor tiles that can be heated for those cold winter mornings.


    Accessories like towel bars and toilet paper rings still usually match the main faucet, and offer a larger variety of finish options than they used to. The collection of accessories has also expanded to cup and toothbrush holders that can also accommodate tongue scrapers, magnetic bar soap holders, toilet brush holders, and shelves with glass accents. Mirrors are no longer limited to the large sheets that got applied directly to the wall, but have become decorative pieces that showcase our individuality. Some mirrors have unique custom frames, others have integrated backlights that show off a design etched into the mirror back. The options in the accessories category are endless.

    Shower Room

    It you want your bathroom to be relaxing and comfortable  then you should try  decoration 

    remodelling and redecorating a bathroom always adds to the overall value of your home.

    What Bathroom Style is Best for You؟

     the three most well known and popular styles are traditional, contemporary and country Country Style

    A bathroom design for country style would have classic touches like nostalgic forms, colors and fabrics, handmade items and natural materials. You can apply this style to your bathroom to get an instant warm look for the room. You can interpret this style in many different ways, country cottage with the pastel shades or rich colors and fabrics for a real old country.


    The contemporary style is known for its straight and clean lines and is quite a modern style. For bathroom, this style is quite appropriate because of its quiet and calm look. 


    The traditional style can turn any bathroom into one which is luxurious. This style has timelessness, elegance and graciousness and the ambiance would be reflected in beautiful faucet handles, rich drapery. This style reflects a European influence with its floral fabrics, gilded finishes and use of silver, gold and porcelain.

    Modern bathrooms

    Bathroom before and after

    Modern Luxury Bathroom Designs (best of 2010) HD

    modern bathroom designs

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