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closet How to organize your closet Video and Photos

How to organize your closet  Video and  Photos
closet to store underwear in a closet
How to organize your closet
I have some advice to get your closets in shape with little time or effort
You will be amazed at the room you will

Things You'll Need
hangers: stick to padded or plastic tubular hangers  , wire hangers make marks in the shoulders of your shirts .color for you and another color for anyone else that may be sharing your closet.
bins or Baskets : Color is consistent with the room
pockets :The best selection of translucent(clear)
Storage Boxes (with Lids) of shoes  Small boxes
Wall shelves:   best color is white
Shelf Dividers: These will prevent leaning towers of clothes (even
if every sweater isn't perfectly folded) and keep unruly items in their place
Jewelry box
Clear Shoeboxes
Plastic shoeboxes are great for footwear, but they also make perfect pull-out drawers for underwear. Offering visibility, flexibility, and accessibility
Hanging Rack: If you don't have enough shelving in your closet, suspend a hanging rack from the rod. This canvas unit also has drawers―useful for socks
and underwear
Step 1:Out
Start with a thorough cleaning of the closet, removing all contents and throwing out or selling what you no longer want or need as you sort the items you would like to keep into different storage categories
Step 2: categorizing your clothes Group Similar Styles and Colors Together
•store off-season in another area if short on space •separate by clothing purpose (formal, work, casual) •separate by type (jackets, blouses, pants, skirts, etc.) •separate by style (short-sleeve, long-sleeve .separate by color
Step 3:underwear , bras and socks ?how to store underwear in a closet The simplest way to store underwear, bras and socks in a closet is Placing them in bins in the drawer
Step4:shoes Get the pockets of shoes  and you can put your sports equipment,ect With Pockets you can store anything and  it is a great way to keep your shoes in matching pairs for easy access.
Step5: sweaters and shirts
Store sweaters and shirts as if on ordinary shelves, without the hassle of actually installing shelves to organize your closet or stor it folded in a drawer  even  not to stretch sweaters with the passage of time
Step6:  Scarves ,belts and handbags 
Store Scarves and belts in a drawer or hangers
store your handbags on hangers in closets/behind doors or In boxes/baskets or Straps Organizer  
Step7: jeans  store jeans Folded or  Hanging,  Hanging your jeans can save space, especially if you only have closet storage space. Wait until jeans are completely dry
after washing before storing them. Store jeans away from light-colored fabrics, because the indigo dye in jeans can rub off.
Step 8: skirt use a hanger with clamps  to hang your  skirt
: Step9
Store Winter Coats
Usually you get one shelf with hanging space below. Increase storage capacity by adding an Upper Shelf across the top. Place Shoe Shelves below the Long Hang used for coats. Ready for more ideas Check below How to Store Winter Coats
How to Store a Fur Coat
Step 10  your makeup, jewelry ,  hair bands and hats 
sort each pile into three more piles : things to keep, things to get rid of, and things that don't belong in your room.
Inside your jewelry box, keep necklaces, bracelets, rings and brooches in different sections. If you have lots of earrings, you can use an earring caddy to organize them . Put all hair bands and scrunchies into a box together. Keep hats on the back of your door


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