Saturday, September 22, 2018

How To Declutter Your Home And Your Life (Updated For 2018)

Declutter Your Home

“How To Declutter Your Home And Your Life…🙌❤️”

A little bit different type to declutter your home.

Today we're going to talk about something lifestyle related.

Friday, September 21, 2018

How to clean white shoes

How to clean white shoes

How to clean white shoes

Hey guys what's up today.

I am going to be showing you guys how to effectively how to clean white shoes.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

How To Clean Fridge: 10+ Best Cleaning tips

Need You to know How To Clean Fridge?

We have created the ultimate guide to Clean Fridge is, how it works, and how to Clean Fridge Door it to become the best!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tomnas Ikea

Tomnas Ikea

IKEA Byas TV Stand

hi, guys, today's all about my favorite" tomnas Ikea" hacks because they're just. So easy to do and they add a really nice personal IKEA Byas TV Stand touch to basic. 

IKEA furniture which  I love personally because they're really minimal.

But at the same time, I like to add a little something to it and just spice it up.

Tomnas Ikea Review

I loved how minimal it looked but I still wanted to add my own little personal touch to it.

So I started off by just spray-painting the legs gold and tomnas Ikea that. 

Was super easy to do it just took two to three coats.

And that alone gave it a  major West Elm and cb2 vibe but which.

I  love, but I also felt like I wanted to add these little pulls on it and these little knobs.

 I got from Anthropologie and since the drawers didn't come with poles previously   I just had to get a mechanical drill and measure out the center.

And it just drill a hole it was really  simple to do and it took just   a few  minutes and the best part is if 

Tomnas Ikea Tv Stand

I ever  get sick of these knobs or I want to  try something   else it's as easy as unscrewing these ones and  screwing on a different  style so I really love doing  this to my IKEA furniture and that's   why 

When I love tomnas Ikea this shoe storage which we were really needing because we don't have shoe storage downstairs. 

I loved it but I hated the knobs but it was super easy to do because the holes were already there, so  I just went to cb2 and picked up these brass IKEA Byas TV Stand knobs.

Tomnas Ikea Shelf

I went with two different styles one for the drawer section and then the rest I kept the same well yeah that's all for my tomnas Ikea I know this. Is a  really short one and it's really simple. 

But I just think it makes a  huge difference,  I really hope you guys enjoyed with IKEA Byas TV Stand.

You found it helpful and also give tomnas Ikea a thumbs up and comment down below if you'd like to see a living room and dining room tour.
BY Parmida Kiani.

Best Fieldstone Cabinets White !!

Fieldstone Cabinets White

Fieldstone Cabinets White
Fieldstone cabinets white is crafted and personalized for you right here in America. 
Fieldstone Cabinets White

Did you know fieldstone cabinets white creates custom colors? 

And we can glaze your custom color and distress.

 It Fieldstone have over  600 thousand combinations of wood types?

And colors( fieldstone cabinets white)so why would you want a custom finish?  
Fieldstone Cabinets White

Fieldstone Ccabinets Dealers

Maybe you have a paint swatch or an heirloom that you love and you want to complement or match the color.

So talk to your field stone cabinetry dealer about a custom color for your fieldstone cabinets white home. 
Fieldstone Cabinets White

Fieldstone Cabinets

Did you know you can change the edges on most of our doors, for instance, the beautiful, Harbor Door 

Has a profile called the   z2 and you can also consider several other edges the deco  FHL or M edge we have over 100 door styles to choose from and you can personalize most of them with glass fronts?  
Fieldstone Cabinets White
And you can choose from more than just clear glass choose from hundreds of decorative accents on lace posts corbels balances furniture feet and more. 
Fieldstone Cabinets White

Fieldstone offers all the custom techniques you could imagine to help you get the best use of your space while retaining your unique vision for your kitchen.

And bath our employees and dealers understand they're providing the very best in cabinetry for your home and your life. 
Fieldstone Cabinets White

When you ask about fieldstone cabinets white can deliver through an artful mix of form and function we invest time and show our dealers how to take our cabinetry to get the most from every inch and make it just right for your home.

Fieldstone Cabinets Pricing

Right here in America, fieldstone cabinetry is creating kitchens baths and more for homeowners across the nation no cabinet manufacturer puts more manual labor and handwork into each cabinet than fieldstone cabinetry fieldstone.

Cabinetry's finishes materials and construction all carry a limited lifetime warranty we use all wood.

Construction to make fieldstone cabinetry there is no cheap flimsy wood or fake wood in our cabinetry our cabinets have substantial end panels.

Best Fieldstone Cabinets White !!

They can handle your granite countertops fieldstone cabinets white end panels are made from hardwood plywood that is 3/4 inches thick when we build your cabinetry we use time-tested woodworking methods we build face frames.

From hardwood using industrial glue and screws, there are no shortcuts like using nails or not including a face frame drawers and rule trays extend fully the glides are underneath for cleaner look fieldstone cabinets white.

Because the glides are underneath drawers can be as wide as possible giving you more room and more organizational options we create drawers with  3/4 inch hardwood.

And dust tale joinery best of all the drawers closed themselves softly very quietly shelves are made of hardwood iwould   3/4 inches.

Fieldstone Cabinets White Shelves

Thick the shelves are adjustable so you can arrange your cabinet how you want the interiors are bright and light easy to keep clean to finish your cabinets.

We use several steps including sanding by hand and rubbing the stain into the wood by hand the most durable finishes are fully cured in an industrial oven so that's what we do we cure them twice to create.

The best finish available there's a lot more you need to know about our all wood construction so ask your field stone cabinetry dealer for the fieldstone cabinets white comparison work shade. 
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