Monday, April 24, 2017

Variera Box Ikea | Best Organizing Tips & Storage

Variera box

When I go to Ikea I try to walk around the kitchen section, I always find new ideas to order and take advantage of every inch, in that our Swedish friends are experts. The last day I liked all these new containers, which I found different possibilities for other places in the house, in addition to its natural place: the kitchen. 
Rationell variera box is recycled Pet plastic and is very useful for ordering food packaged in bags, which are always falling on the shelves of the stewardess. I bought the white, shiny and silky to the touch, and I also have them on my desk with all the small tools (stapler, calculator, boxes of clips, etc).

I hope you find these posts as inspiring as I have -they are chock full of awesome ideas, helpful tips, and beautiful inspiration!

- Applications example of VARIERA series.

1.Store the same design on the storage shelf

-Variera box Ikea is easy to carry and take in and out of a drawer or shelf since it has two cut-out handles that make it comfortable to grip.For convenient storage of groceries, paper products, and other items. The open box makes it easy for you to overview and access The contents.-easy to clean, with Soft rounded corners.

2.It is not limited to tableware of the same kind to put in the storage case.
Cup and saucer, milk pitcher, sugar case, tongs, and trays can be stored together, you can have a cup of coffee for you.

3.Small storage in the living room. Despite the size of your living room, you need a smart storage to save the space and make the room look wider. This one from so many ways to organize a clever storage that you can choose a way for any style.

4.Let's group small items in the bathroom
This under-the-sink storage unit is mounted to the wall, takes up little space, and holds oversized towels and toiletries. Can also be used to organize bathroom cabinets, best bath storage solutions. It’s decorative as well as functional.Bathroom storage ideas.

Make your Kitchen Wider with Them

Kitchen cabinets are the basic necessity of every house. These are the places, which keep the items saved and secured. Additionally, they give a charming and attractive look to the place. Home Depot kitchen cabinets are not a new variety; rather they have been installed for many years. With the advancement of technology, they have attained the innovation and high modification.

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