5 Tips in Organizing Your Bedroom..How to organize a small bedroom

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Keeping your bedroom clutter-free is also a good way to make your bedroom free from stress as well.
So sit back, relax and go through these steps to find the solution to your small bedroom  

Step 1: Clean up and Clear out
  Get rid of things that do not belong in the bedroom.
Magazines and books, laundry, sports equipment... put them where they should belong.

Step 2:  Start with your closet 
It may be a little space in your bedroom but a disorganized closet often leads to a cluttered bedroom, especially if you have more clothing than what you closet can actually hold.

Get storage boxes to store extra things you get in your bedroom.
If you like to see where everything is, try buying see through plastic storage boxes and containers, and in this way you will be able to see at a glance just what you need.

I like these containers because they are stackable and I can see everything at a glance

If you are looking for ways to store your jewelry, why not purchase miniature stackable drawers.

 Step 3:To store your toiletries it is a good idea to use clear plastic boxes.
If you are clever you can have all your facial skin care in one container, your bath products in another and your nail care kit in another. This will keep all your toiletries neatly together.This will save you masses of time looking for containers, especially when you are rushing in the mornings.

 This is an acrylic shoe box  to store female feminine products.

 store your jewelry

Step4:Bathrooms always look good with wooden baskets.
Laundry baskets have never looked better and one can purchase bathroom shelves to keep all those nick knacks in order.Towels can also be stored in drawers that can be bought to match your laundry basket.

Towels in drawers laundry basket.

Step5:Have a system in organizing your closet.

Organizing by outfit is a great idea but you can also organize by outfit and by color.Place frequently used items within reach.This will help you prevent digging into your clothes looking for your favorite shirt or dress and bringing back the clutter into your closet.

There are also wonderful necklace hangers available today that you can hang your favorite pieces on and make a feature of it on your dressing table.

This is a quick and easy way to add lots of usable space in your closet.The idea is to utilize all the space on the inside of your closet, and give all your small things a place.This will save you time each day. 

  Gray Room And Open Shelf With Large Cupboard  .

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