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Refrigerator Storage Tips - What You Need to Know

Refrigerator Storage Tips - What You Need to Know

Is your refrigerator always a mess? Do you always have to rummage in the contents of your fridge to find the one you are looking for? Sounds like you are in desperate need of storing tutorial

You need to sort out, organize, store and clean. Here are some more tips to help you out

Tip 1: Place your leftovers in plastic see-through containers. Most food leftovers will last for about one to two days. When storing, place them in front of your fridge so you can tell if they have already perished. It is also better if you place a label on them. Purchase a sticky note pad and then place a label on the containers. Also indicate the date you prepared the food.

Tip 2: For poultry products, clean and wash them carefully first before storing them in a container. Do not leave them in the plastic because Salmonella and other micro organisms will easily spread in your fridge. Also do this to your other meat products. Store them separately

Tip 3: Do not wash vegetables before storing. Wash them before you are going to use them. The excess moisture might increase the chances for molds formation. If some root crops are extremely dirty, wash them carefully first and dry them out. After drying, you can store them in the vegetable compartment of your fridge
Tip 4: For green leafy vegetables, it would be better if you place them in a plastic warp first. This is to avoid dehydration. Some vegetables need humidity to maintain their inherent moisture. But because most refrigerators only have 65% humidity, you need to place green leafy vegetables or those fresh produces without an outer skin in a plastic bag. This is to prolong their shelf life

Tip 5: Get rid of rotten vegetables and fruits immediately. These emit more ethylene. This is a kind of gas that speeds up the ripening process of fruits and veggies. If there are rotten fruits and veggies in the fresh produces compartment of your fridge, the other fresh produces might also rot soon

Tip 6: Replace caps of bottles tightly. This will help avoid spilling especially when you open and close the door of your fridge. The motion might upset the bottles inside and might cause spilling
Now that you know how to store your food properly, you should be able to consume and use them longer. These tips can also help prolong the life of your refrigerator

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