Daiso massage tool-Face Massage- Esthetician facial

Daiso one of my all-time favorite stores. They stock the most incredible things, and everything is really cheap.

▼How to get a slimmer face  ▼
Start from center of your neck, follow your collarbone and gently push the roller towards the nape of your neck and hold the roller with some pressure right beneath your ears for as long as you want. only for esthetician facial 

Roller stretch skinny hand finger Massager finger joint massage hand massage roller Meridian brush
Daiso Gadgets I wonder why as it's quite useful.

few seconds to a minute. Don't press too hard, just the right force so that you won't damage your skin.It won't pull skin cells unless you use extreme force!

You would experience slight numbness all over your face if you press the right spots! 

Now, to make my chubby cheeks lose fat! Start beside the nostrils, press with light pressure and move the roller along the cheekbone lines towards your ears.

Working over the temples and rest your rollers there for a while with light pressure. Repeat the process again few more times. 

 Massages your face, it feels good and promoting blood circulation [especially] in the morning, , lifting skin, enabling better absorption of skincare products and lympathic drainage but these aren’t water buffalo horns which are traditionally the “gua sha” instrument of choice.

  How to give myself a facial with best face massage roller on youtube
Esthetician facial 
Esthetician facial kimdao

What Is The Grilling Glove Intended To Do?

I recently had to buy a new grilling Silicone Cooking Glove 1 Pair for my cooking needs .
there are differences between stove  oven and grilling use and therefore the need for various types of gloves and mitts.

 High Heat Temperature Resistant Glove 
Turn Over BBQ Food Easily and Dishwasher Safe – You Should Not Pay High Price for The Other Same Glove and Quality.
 Arm coverage so much as measurement of protection.
They are a full length pair of silicone gloves, mitten shaped, with ridges in the palm area for better gripping.Daiso great glove better than the IKEA glove to protect the hand from the heat of the oven.
The most common material is cloth, or what I will call the traditional oven mitt.
A relatively new trend has seen heat resistant silicone gloves become popular.

 Silicone Oven Mitts & Pot Holders , High Heat Resistant, Heat Proof Glove - Essential Kitchen Cooking & Baking Gadget - Dishwasher Safe - Soft Flexible

Cute Daiso Kitchen Timers on my

Cute Daiso Kitchen Timers on my
I wanted to  buy kitchen timer but I did not find kitchen timer shaped like a strawberry
Cute digital clock timer .I love these gadgets!
The first time I took one was because it was very cute! I love strawberries. And because I cook, I have some sitting at the refrigerator door so I could follow the different things I cook, or rely on the timer to warn me of my cooking when I'm not complaining about the stove on the stove. Really useful especially if you are a mom and check the kids sometimes.

Oh, the strawberry scissors magnet is Daiso and super cute. I do not use a lot of scissors, because I do not have another one that is easily accessible and much larger, but also fun to not add to my collection of strawberries there.

Best Anti-splatter Shield Guard // Cooking Frying Pan Oil Splash Daiso

I LOVE DAISO! Resistant to oil and burns, keep your own gas stove and keep out of your injury if your gas stove is a bit large, I suggest you buy two pieces of oil splash protection from Daiso .
Here without Anti-splatter Shield Guard Cooking 
 Here with Anti-splatter Shield Guard Cooking
 Keep your gas stove clean all the time,  Easy cleaning If your gas stove is a little big, I suggest you buy two oil splash guards.
Anti-splatter Shield Guard Cooking Frying Pan Oil Splash Screen Household Gadgets Kitchen Cover Tool.Easy to clean, just use a duster cloth to clean it,Here Cooking .

Bathroom storage containers & Bathroom Towels Ideas

The master bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house.
Just like the main bathroom has two sinks so there is plenty of under counter storage space, but currently there are no shelves for towels.

I have collected ideas for the bathroom storage room below.

A well-designed bath storage tanks come with comfort when you use it.
Here are the ideas of hygienic storage:

Organize Your Bathroom Towels Ideas
Your daily bath towels will be hung in a place where they will be able to dry quickly after use.
A towel on the wall or shower door is only a solution if a towel is normally used.
Make some rolls.It was amazing how much space you Win!
photo from Princesasepanelas

 Bathroom Ideas & Designs,Declutter Kitchen Towels & Dish Cloths  

WIRE BASKETS FOR STORAGE | VS Daiso Storage Boxes &ダイソ

WIRE BASKETS FOR STORAGE  | VS Daiso Storage Boxes &ダイソ
The wire storage basket is a great way for any home to use it in the office or at home to keep books or letters, or use it for storage in the living room or dining craft.

Exquisite workmanship, beautiful design, using to store fruit, such as apples, pears, grapes. You can store different types of fruit.

Use it in the office or at home to keep books or letters, or use it for storage in the family room or craft room.

 Daiso new and very Vogue 2017

The Best way to Keep Kitchen Sinks and Sponges Clean

    The most germ-laden object in  home is actually   kitchen sponge .This is mainly due to the fact that the moist environment of a sponge is a perfect place for bacteria to live and grow.

  And what about keeping that wet sponge from getting stinky in the sink?Have you ever thought that with a simple paper clip you could solve the problem once and for all?

No more mess, no more confusion, no more post-modern pseudo arty infernos: keep it simple, keep it clean and you will have a new house that finally feels like home.
This will allow your sponge to dry better than it would if you left it laying on the kitchen counter or sink.
This device holds the sponge , preventing it from sitting in water and allowing it to air dry pretty fast.
A paper clip used as a upholder will make your sponge dry faster.
The Best way to Keep Kitchen Sinks and Sponges Clean